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Grab a Cup of Coffee and a Bite at Nilly Cafe

July 25, 2018

Nilly Cafe debuted a few months ago in the Loop with a simple menu of fresh, house-made breakfast and lunch food. Stop in at the sun-soaked cafe for a cup of coffee or an iced latte and an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, a sweet yogurt parfait layered with fruit, or a crepe stuffed with fresh ingredients.

For lunch, the coffeehouse switches gears to salads, personal-sized pizzas, and paninis. Bite into a crispy toasted sandwich stuffed with grilled chicken, a medley of gooey cheeses, or layers of Italian meats. Keep lunch light with a salad topped with smoked salmon or Greek fixings. Savor a few slices of pizza loaded with pepperoni, salami, or a variety of veggies. Nilly Cafe also offers a daily-changing pasta dish to round out the lunch menu.