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Try the Fried Chicken Sandwich at Boxcar Betty’s

September 28, 2018

It’s only been open a few months, but Boxcar Betty’s is quickly becoming one of Chicago’s favorite fried chicken restaurants, thanks to its decidedly modern take on this crispy fried favorite. Fried chicken sandwiches are the kitchen’s signature dish, and they come loaded with your choice of toppings and sauces. Dress yours with house-made peach slaw and a bit of honey mustard, or turn your meal into a tangy treat with spicy mayo and fried green tomatoes in your sandwich. Whatever you choose, regulars say you can be sure the chicken will be expertly fried and seasoned, as that’s exactly what this place has a reputation for doing.

Located in the Ogilvie Transportation Center, Boxcar Betty’s is conveniently located for grab-and-go meals, but Yelp reviewers say it’s worth your while if you have time to sit down and eat. The brand new dining room feels modern and even a bit edgy, with its poured cement counters, exposed Edison-bulb lighting, and single row of tables facing the windows.