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Order a Few Bao Buns at Enjoy Wow Bao

November 29, 2018

Wow Bao has been open for just a few months, and already reviewers have dubbed it one of Chicago’s most fun and futuristic eateries. What exactly does that mean? Well, when you visit you’ll place your order at one of the iPad-powered kiosks to your left. You’ll swipe your card to pay and then turn your attention to the wall on the right-hand side of the dining room, which is full of small window compartments. When your order is ready, your name will pop up over one of the compartments. Just open the compartment door and your meal will slide out, piping hot and ready to be eaten. 

Bao buns are some of the most popular menu items, of course (including the teriyaki chicken buns, or go for the spicy Mongolian beef buns), but potstickers, dumplings, and rice or noodle bowls round out the offerings here. Keep in mind that this place is popular and fairly small, so if you’re visiting at peak meal times, you may need to wait for a table.