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Skip the Line at Amazon Go

January 7, 2019

The most challenging part of shopping at Amazon Go is pulling up the QR code that allows you entry into the high-tech store—and that’s pretty simple. As long as you have an Amazon account and the app downloaded, you should have no trouble finding your Amazon Go barcode. Once you do, simply scan it at the turnstiles and walk right in.

From here on out, the rest of your shopping trip is a no-brainer. Pick up whatever you like, tuck it in your bag, and simply walk out. Amazon Go enlists cutting-edge technology to track what you pick up and automatically charges you for whatever you’re holding onto when you exit. The small grocery store is stocked with a surprisingly large selection of grab-and-go items, from sandwiches to meal kits. It also offers a few refrigerated entrees that you can actually heat up in the store thanks to a pair of microwaves.

Amazon Go