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Enjoy a Fancy Date Night at Newly Opened Ocean Prime

April 9, 2019

Ocean Prime made its debut just a few days ago right in the heart of the action, along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. It resides in the beautiful stone building at the corner of Wacker and Michigan, one you’re probably familiar with if you work downtown. The new location is part of a larger chain that’s known for top-notch seafood and steak, so it’s perfect for an upscale night out.

Plan a special date at Ocean Prime and kick off your meal with a cocktail and a few starters. Share the Prime “sushi” roll with tempura shrimp, cream cheese, scallions, and beef carpaccio or a round of oysters on the half-shell from the raw bar. For the main course, try the teriyaki salmon with soy-butter sauce and shiitake sticky rice or the sea scallops served atop a bed of parmesan risotto. You can also take a knife to a prime cut of steak, from the eight-ounce filet mignon to the 16-ounce ribeye.

Ocean Prime