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Don’t Skip the Tapas at Kinton Ramen

June 17, 2019

How does Kinton Ramen take a $11 bowl of soup and make it into a deeply filling and satisfying masterpiece? The secret is in their rich broth and heaps of hearty toppings. Choose from pork, chicken, or vegetarian varieties of their signature soup, plus either thick or thin noodles and plenty of extras. When you add a few tapas to start or matcha cheesecake for dessert, you feel like you’ve really indulged in a delicious meal. The tapas at Kinton Ramen are as good as the soups, and options like karaage chicken, age gyoza, and root vegetable tempura could be a meal all on their own. 

Prices across the board are reasonable, especially when you consider the quality of their ingredients and lovely modern dining space. Kinton Ramen is near the Fulton Market in the West Loop. They are open daily for lunch and dinner, but close mid-afternoon to reset for the next meal service. Be sure to check the hours of operation before you head over.