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Enjoy a Taste of Italy Near 465 North Park at Tortello

November 13, 2019

Dario Monni grew up in his family kitchen in Venice, working alongside his nonna as she handcrafted pasta and regaled him with stories about the specialty foods store her father, his grandfather, owned. When he wasn’t in the kitchen, he was working with his other relatives in Sardinia, learning the arts of making cheese and raising artisan meats. His various childhood experiences have led him to Tortello, where Monni started to showcase his family recipes in July.

Customers are already raving about appetizers like the fresh focaccia bread with ricotta and honey, as well as fresh pasta dishes like the Tortelli. The pasta comes stuffed with burrata cheese and embellished with butter, sage, and toasted hazelnuts. This is just one of the many fresh pasta dishes that you can enjoy in-house, and the kitchen also crafts dry pasta that you can take home and cook later with scratch-made sauces to match.