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P.O.S.H. Has Unique Finds for Your Space at 465 North Park

August 12, 2021

Since 1997 P.O.S.H. has been a local staple among those seeking unique ways to add a little flair to their living space. Not your average home decor shop, P.O.S.H.’s goal is to provide pieces that that tell a story and that are authentically different from the mass-produced home decor shops. And they have always succeeded in their mission! 

While browsing the shop, you’ll almost feel as if you’re in a French kitchen-meets-gift boutique-meets-antique shop. It’s delightfully exciting to browse the aisles and discover a piece that really speaks to you! You’ll find all sorts of goodies. For the kitchen, the shop stocks screen-printed hand towels made with love; vintage stoneware with subtle patterns; tea sets and marble boards for entertaining; even vintage tableware from restaurants. For the home, you’ll find eclectic vintage artwork, soaps and lotions from high-end brands, and tons of conversation-starting coffee table books. This is just the tip of the iceberg though; every time you browse you’ll find some sort of gem for your home!