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From Coffee to Cocktails, Urbanspace Delivers Delicious Food and Drink

March 13, 2022

Urbanspace packs more than 10 different restaurants into a single location thanks to its food hall-style setup at 15 West Washington. From fresh doughnuts and coffee to wood-fired pizzas and Greek pitas, the 12,000-square-foot space encompasses a wide variety of cuisines originating all over the globe.

Stop by on your way to work or on your lunch break to enjoy a bite. If you come by in the morning, beeline for Stan’s Donuts’ counter. Hailing from L.A., this beloved chain doles out specialty doughnuts and piping-hot breakfast sandwiches coupled with delicious cups of coffee. Later in the day, dig into a pita loaded with fresh gyro meat, spicy feta cheese, veggies, and crispy French fries, courtesy of Pita Yeero. Prefer pizza? Head to Roberta’s for a Neapolitan-style pie. Craving a hot chicken sandwich or vegan comfort food? They’re on tap, too, along with creative Filipino fare, freshly smoked barbecue, and juicy burgers. If you’re sitting down for happy hour or dinner, don’t forget to grab an adult beverage! Sidecar pours an ever-changing lineup of 16 craft beers fresh from the tap, and The Peregrine Club offers craft cocktails.